18/4 Wolverhampton-Lakeside and Kims own words

18/4 Wolverhampton-Lakeside 4+1 points (0,1+1,2,1)

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22/4 Lakeside Hammers-Swindon Robins - Postponed due to bad weather.

Kims own words about this week:
The meeting at Wolverhampton did not go as we wanted it to go. They started off very good and it took a few heats for us to bounce back. We fought ourselves back in the meeting and had the chance to get some points home with us. But at the end the Wolves team was just making better starts than us and could set off to a comfortable win at the end. My score was weaker than I wanted it to be and we fought to find a good setup all night, and I felt that we were not too far off in the end. I definitely know more what to do for the next time we are going there.

I also had some practice in Sweden on my local track (Huddinge) to test soe things. It felt very good and I cant wait for the league to start in Sweden now.

With an early morning flight on friday I flew over to UK to do some testing during the day and ride against Swindon in the evening. But just when I got to my English workshop in Maidstone we got told the meeting was off due to a bad forecast. (Which proved to be the right decision).
So the day was spent with my English mechanic to get new tires fitted on the van, picked up a serviced engine from Godden who service my Engines over there.

With no meetings coming up this week I am going to practice in Norrköping on the 30th and also I am hoping that Masarna get their track ready so I can do some testing on the new shaped track up there!


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