Kim won the qualifying SEC competition!

Good news for all fans of Kim Nilsson: Kim won the qualifying SEC Competition yesterday in Lamothe-Landerron, France!

Congratulations Kim!

– Thank you! 

How does it feel after the competition?

– It was really fun to win! However, I'm a bit sore after my last heat where I crashed together with 2 other riders. But luckely I could ride the re-run of the heat and win it!

Why was it going well today (yesterday)?

– It is hard to say something specific. I was confident on the track and found good riding lines, so I could ride smart and win a few heats, even if I was behind from start!

Next step to SEC is the SEC Challenge in Gorican, what Kim commented in this post:

– From my point of view, the first qualifier is harder than the SEC Challenge in Gorican. Only four riders will qualify from the first event. But in the SEC Challenge it is seven riders that qualifies directly to the SEC Championship.

Kim Nilsson: (2, 3, 3, 3, 3) = 14 points

Full results on:


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