Kims own words about the last few meetings

Kims own words about the last few meetings.

I am happy how things have been going so far this season. It has been a bit up and downbut most of the times I have been delighted with my performances. The meetingsI have not scored as many points in I have felt better than the points haveshown which is always a good sign.

Also it wasnice to get back in to racing in Sweden on my Swedish equipment. And to startwith a meeting down in Vetlanda is a perfect chance to try some engines anddifferent setups, as the track is very heavy and you really get the feeling ofwhat works and what does not work. I tested a few things during the Qualifyingmeeting on the Friday and really felt like I found some good speed forSaturdays final.

Next meeting Wolverhampton Wolves – Lakeside Hammers tonight, and then 22th of april Lakeside Hammers vs Swindon Robins.

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