Kim's own words about the latest meetings

Over all I am quite happy how I have been riding but I feel I have more to give.

The GP qualifier was not what I expected at all. We had some good speed during the practice but could not get it going until the last heat in the meeting after changing bikes for the last two rides.

It has been going very well for us in Masarna and we have only lost one meeting so far this year and it feels like I have now found my way around the new hometrack with scoring paid 10 in the last two It was a shame to lose the last home meeting with Vargarna against Västervik in the last heat. Even though I scored 11 points in the meeting it would have been nice to win the last heat for the team. My two last starts that night was not very good but we found what was wrong and the problem is now solved.

With Lakeside we are keeping our very impressive home form but find it a bit harder away from home. Our last meeting was at Belle Vue, the new national stadium. That was a very cool place to visit. Really nice stadium but also a very nice race track. It definitely makes it worth the trip now knowing what you are coming to when you are going there!I have now had some days off racing which was nice. That gave us time to do some testing, which is very hard to find time to do during the season.

Hopefully the testing gives us that little extra bit of speed to step it up a level!


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